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Dolina Farms

Duck Eggs 1 Dozen

Duck Eggs 1 Dozen

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Duck Eggs

Here at Dolina Farms we have Indian Runner ducks. They have a very distinct body style. They can look more like a penguin than a typical domesticated or wild duck. They stand tall, don’t fly and they run more than waddle. They are so fun to watch. 

All our ducks and chickens are free range and happy. We let them out of their house in the morning and they roam many acres all day eating whatever their heart desires. If they think you have something fresh from the garden they will come running to check it out. 

We have a pond for the ducks to splash around in whenever they want. For the chickens we have plenty of areas for dirt baths.

Our egg size varies and you will notice that when you buy from us. We try to balance out the dozen with a mix of smaller and larger eggs. On average both the duck and chicken eggs are on the larger than average side. We keep the xxl or very small eggs for personal use. 

Our ducks and chickens eat mostly bugs, worms, plants, fresh garden produce and whatever else they can find. We will give them store bought feed to supplement what they eat on the farm. You can always reach out to us if you would like to learn more information about this.

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